The Transition Masterclass: Maximizing Your College Experience

Learn proven student success strategies: 10 Key Campus Resources, Building Effective Relationships & Networking, Understanding Financial Aid & Cost of Attendance (COA)


Created by: Blake "Professor B" Simon           
Seats remaining: 20/20 (Online)

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Duraration: Approximately 60-90 minutes

FREE with registration form completion and purchase of The Transition Guide & Journal: A Simple Tool for Students to Help Maximize the College Experience. 2nd ed. 

 What Will I Learn?

  • Important on campus resources
  • How to build effective relationships and who to
    ​build relationships with​
  • Matriculation tips
  • Merit vs. Need based funding
  • Understanding the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Understanding Cost of Attendance (COA)


  • Current or college bound student/family (***student and parent can log into the session, but must login from the same account and device.

  • Must be able to access  or download Zoom.
  • Must purchase copy of The Transition Guide & Journal: A Simple Tool for Students to Help Maximize the College Experience. 2nd ed.

  • Open mind


Your Complete Guide To Maximizing Your College Experience

This online class is designed for students and families who want to learn the Ins and Outs of Maximizing The College Experience. Students are often told to "go to college", but are rarely given the tools needed to succeed!

For example: In 2017, Forbes reported that the student loan debt crisis in the United States had reached $1.3 TRILLION!  

I attribute this crisis to several cultural factors including a lack of information. While working in higher education as a financial aid counselor for several years, I aquired a wealth of information so decided to create "The Transition" platform, which is about educating  and equipping students and families  with proven strategies geared toward Maximizing the College Experience.

In this class I will take current and/or college bound students/families through each step involved in the Maximizing the College Experience. This also includes teaching you the fundamentals of becoming efficient as a student.  What sets this course apart from others is that I equip students with the tools to design a strategic plan that is specifically targeted towards succeeding in college and beyond. That way you don't have to rely on "figuring it out along the way". You'll know in advance what to focus on and you'll become efficient as you transition to and through college. 

By the end of the master class, students will know exactly how to maximize the college experience. 

BONUS: You Also Get Access To My Private Facebook Group "Transition University" Where I Give Free Advice And You Can Ask Questions And Interact With Other Students/Families.

  How to sign up?

***Student and Parent(s) can virtually attend the session, but must login under the same account and device.




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