In addition to the adversities Blake has overcome, his experiences as a student and higher education professional makes him the perfect advocate for education.

His story of abandonment, tragedy, and troubled adolescent years, is one that resonates with students today. Not only did Blake overcome the challenges of his past, but he eventually went on to enroll in college, obtain a bachelors and masters degree. To begin his professional career, Blake spent nearly half of a decade in higher education working closely with students and their families as a financial aid specialist.

In addition to his educational success, Blake is also the author of 3 published books including The Transition Guide & Journal: A Simple Tool for Students to Help Maximize the College Experience, which is a student game changer!

Blake has an unwavering ability to connect with students of any audience in a genuine and relevant way. During Blake's presentations he shares his downfalls in life and his journey to overcoming while obtaining success. This serves as a reality to your students that nothing is impossible if you're willing to put in the work!

This video shows published author and motivational speaker Blake Simon speaking at several middle, high schools, and conferences throughout the country.


Blake's passion for education extends from grades 6-12, higher education, and beyond! He's been booked by several schools, major universities, and organizations across the country to help their current and college bound students TRANSITION to their NEXT LEVEL.

Blake has been utilized to help with improvement in the areas of  college readiness, retention & academic performance. Some of the universities, organizations, and school districts Blake has partnered with are displayed below

What Are They Saying About Blake?

“The biggest impact I had during this course of events was from Blake Simon. Mr. Blake helped me gain self-confidence, helped me remember that even when I fall down I need to get back up, and helped me understand to just set my goals ahead of time, and set a date to accomplish them. I believe that although all the medical things we did were beneficial, I believe it would have been a lot more overwhelming if I had not heard Mr. Blake speak.”
​-Shelby (Houston), Envision NYLF on Medicine

"Words can't describe how magnificent Blake's presentation was to our students at Prairie View A&M University. The positive feedback was overwhelming, and the connection Blake had with the students was tremendous. The Transition book will be legendary!!"
-Christopher Williams - Student Service Manager, Prairie View A&M University

"Blake’s lesson was wonderful. The kids were energized and active. His rapport with the students came natural and he kept them engaged. I welcome him back anytime. Thank you again Blake!" 
-Lola Charles-Washington, Educator, Fort Bend ISD

"I often invite Blake to work with my students. He gives tactical and motivating presentations for high school students and their families on the college preparation, along with key gems for life after high school. It has been a pleasure, and continues to be a pleasure working with Blake."
-Alton D. Russell, College Success Advisor, Houston ISD




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