Words can't describe how magnificent Blake's presentation was to our students at Prairie View A&M University. The positive feedback was overwhelming, and the connection Blake had with the students was tremendous. The Transition book will be legendary!!

Christopher Williams - Student Service Manager, Prairie View A&M University

“The Transition Guide & Journal is a great tool for me as a student athlete. It really helps feed me motivational keys to success that I can use daily.  This book will not only help with the transition from high school to college, but it blesses me with real life tools that will help throughout life. When I first met Blake and he started talking to me, I didn't know anything about him, but the way he approached me gave me the feeling that this man got something no one else has. This book will serve as my Bible to success as I continue to read and write in it. I want to thank Blake for the book.  Every student should have it because it is worth it and can change someone’s life! Thank you Blake"  

Calen Ragsdale- Student Athlete, Beaumont Central Medical Magnet HS C/O 2017

"Blake has been a great motivation to me throughout my many years of college studying and life situations. He has always helped to keep me focus on the task at hand and press forward in my endeavors. His optimistic outlook on life's situations and his dedication to progression has continued and will forever continue to guide me as I propel forward in my career. "

-William Dean Engineering Specialist I

"Blake’s lesson on Carpe Diem was wonderful. The kids were energized and active. His rapport with the students came natural and he kept them engaged. I welcome him back to my classroom anytime. Thank you again Blake!" 

Lola Charles-Washington, Educator

"I often invite Blake to work with my students. He gives tactical and motivating presentations for high school students and their families on the college preparation, along with key gems for life after high school. It has been a pleasure, and continues to be a pleasure working with Blake."

 -Alton D. Russell, College Success Advisor, Houston ISD

"Blake is a motivation to those around him, offering words of wisdom and encouragement. He not only engages with the youth, but serves as a mentor in many aspects; educating on the realities of life and being successful in times of adversity. Blake serves as a catalyst to boost the importance of obtaining an education and he has demonstrated on countless occasions that one can rise above even the most arduous of obstacles and succeed. " 

-Andrea Wilkins, Higher Education Professional

"I have worked with Blake Simon in many educational capacities. The way Blake is able to engage and motivate students and families to learn more about the college experience is simply captivating. When Blake speaks he brings the room to a standstill. He is someone who has worked for everything he’s received and is passionate about motivating others to accomplish their goals in life. "

-Brian O. Thompson M.ED, MA, Higher Education Professional

"I have had the pleasure of knowing this man for some years and he def knows his stuff. Had him come speak at my school for a couple events and the kids def learned something new each time. Blake is the real deal for motivation and anything finacial aid for college seekers."

Chad Ware - Teacher/Coach



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